We began as a men’s Bible Study in May, 2008 with the intent of planting a local New Testament Independent Baptist Church. In November 2008 we began the Chapel phase of our ministry meeting with men, women and children in the Triton Valley Estates Recreation Hall in Derby. In March of 2011 we began to rent the closed down 1st Baptist Church of Evans at 985 Church Road in Evans with the intent to buy it. This 7500 sq. ft. building was rented for over 2 years and then finally purchased in July, 2013 and paid for in full by cash. It has been a perfect home for our growing congregation.
Our church building was built in 1855. The Education annex was added to the back of the building in the 1960’s. Currently the entire building is being renovated. Almost half of the building has been beautifully redone. A 50 seat balcony is being built, new ceiling, lighting, drywall, carpet and the old pews are being replaced by padded chairs. The auditorium will seat 200+ when completed by the end of 2017.

As of 2018, 75% of the building has been renovated.  A 45-seat balcony has been built.  The old stamped tin ceiling has been refurbished and painted three times, it is beautiful!  We have added new LED lighting, drywall, trimmed out the historic stained glass windows, installed new carpet and the old pews have been replaced by padded chairs.  [A youth rally in 2018 seated 200+ people.]  Devices for the hearing impaired are now available for each service.  Please stop by and see this historic edifice.

We are in the process of becoming an independent Baptist Church.  Pastor Travis Lewis joined us in 2017 as Associate Pastor (to Pastor Kohl).  Callen Lange has become the Assistant to the Pastor (to help Pastor Lewis).  Callen is also the Minister of Finances and is our primary teacher (children & teens).  Dan Priore is our Music Director.  Many other servants help as piano players, musicians, nursery workers, greeters, ushers, security, sound & media, cleaning, meals & banquets, preachers, teachers, kid’s club workers, teen ministries, singers, refreshments providers, snow removal helpers, and so much more…we thank you!

Our future is bright as the promises of God.  Please come and give us a good try…